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Works with Notion

bundleIQ's Notion Integration helps users quickly uncover related content in their workspace by analyzing the workspace and providing recommendations on what content is most relevant.

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Make Connections

By analyzing your workspace and providing recommendations on what content is most relevant to you, bundleIQ allows you to see the big picture and find new ideas faster.

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Find the Right Information

bundleIQ's semantic search capabilities allow users to search for terms and concepts within their pages, making it easier to find the information they need as the AI understands the user's search query and returns relevant results.

Sync Your Account

Notion Vide

Get started for free by syncing your bundleIQ account with Notion.

Adding AI to Notion

Serendipitous Connections

By connecting information from multiple sources, our knowledge graph can help you see relationships that you might not find using traditional search methods. In addition, the knowledge graph can provide context for information that can help you better understand its meaning.

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