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AI-powered Chat

Chat with your documents using ALANI, our AI-powered conversational chatbot. Begin by customizing your knowledge base with uploaded PDFs, YouTube transcripts, HTML, and Markdown files. Then, effortlessly ask questions based on the data to understand and promptly derive insights from the information.

Unlock Insights

ALANI is a question-and-answer model powered by AI and created by bundleIQ. Its purpose is to help users effortlessly gain insights into their data. Create prompts based on internal notes and documents and ask questions about specific topics. 

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Learn More Faster

In this example, we bundled up the All In Podcast E127 transcripts with Robert F Kennedy. Jr., by dropping the YouTube URL into a bundle, then asked, "What is Kennedy's position on vaccines?" You can see part of the answer, and the sources, layered throughout. 

Chat video


Always Learning About New Information - ALANI

Plans and Pricing

For Individuals and Teams

The Individual & Business Plans are designed to help you stay organized and informed. With features like AI-powered summaries, natural language search, and the ability to connect data points, these plans will give you the edge you need to succeed.

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